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cobb_eames's Journal

you wouldn't sell me out
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Cobb/Eames ♥

"how's your handwriting?"


This is a slash community for anyone who loves Cobb/Eames ♥ and wants to share their work with others who love them too.


These are the general guidelines everyone should follow when participating in this community!

#1; This community is strictly for the pairing; Cobb/Eames, please do not post anything that doesn't relate to the pairing here, as there are other communities out there for the other pairings.

#2; We're here because we all have a shared interest, so please be friendly to each other and don't start fights. If a conflict ensues and is not resolved by itself in a timely manner, I'll have to take action which will likely start as a warning, and could result in banning.

#3; As with the above rule, keep common courtesy and do not degrade/insult another person's work. This kind of behaviour will not be tolerated at all. If you don't like it, then don't say anything. Only give constructive criticism when they ask for it.


To keep the community organised, I'll have to ask all contributors abide by the rules of posting:

#1; Please place all large texts and images behind a cut, as well as content that is NSFW.

#2; When posting try to fill out the minimum amount of headings which are the first four, The rest are optional, marked with asterixes;

*Other pairings:
*Word Count:

#3; In addition to filling out headers, please tag your posts with the appropriate tags.

#4; And to be super organised, I'll have to ask you to fill out your subject line in the order of; FORM, TITLE (AND NO. OF PARTS, IF APPLICABLE), e.g. Fiction, Where We Hide, 1/5.


Your moderator is sketchofsoda. If you have any questions, just PM me, or if there's a mod post, commenting there is just fine. C: